Sunday, January 29, 2012

H.E. Ambassador Mulamula returns home

H.E. Ambassador Liberata Mulamula speaks to Mr. Joseph Haule, The African newspaper reporter after her arrival at the Julius Nyerere International Airport in Dar es Salaam.   H.E. Ambassador Mulamula has just finished her tenure as the first Executive Secretary of the International Conference of the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR), a position she has served successfully for the past five years.  Her Successor is Professor Ntumba Liaba, a former Human Rights Minister for the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).  

H.E. Ambassador Liberata Mulamula listening on to Mr. Joseph Haule, The African newspaper reporter (not on the photo), upon her arrival at the Julius Nyerere International Airport in Dar es Salaam.  

Friday, January 27, 2012

Hon. Membe meets British Foreign Minister for Africa

The Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Hon. Bernard K. Membe (MP) today met with the British Foreign Minister incharge of African Affairs, Hon. Henry Bellingham at the margins of the 20th Executive Council of the African Union at the new AU complex in Addis Ababa Ethiopia.

In their meeting, the two leaders discussed a number of bilateral issues ranging from improving trade between the two countries and the joint strategy to curb piracy in the coast of East Africa. The two leaders also discussed about the preparation of the forthcoming Conference on Somali Conflict.

Hon. Membe is leading Tanzania delegation to the Executive Council of the African Union in Ethiopia.

President Kikwete congratulates Australians on their National Day

H.E. Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete, President of the United Republic of Tanzania has sent a congratulatory message to the Rt. Hon. Julia Gillard, Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Australia on the occasion of the Australian National Day.

The message reads as follows:

“Rt. Hon. Julia Gillard,
Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Australia

Your Excellency,

On behalf of the Government and people of the United Republic of Tanzania and on my own behalf, I wish to extend my sincere congratulations to the government and people of the Commonwealth of Australia on the occasion of celebrating Australia National Day.

The government of Tanzania highly values the ties, which exist with the Government of Australia, and is ready to maintain and enhance the relations in a bid to benefit the peoples of the two countries. Together, we have built bridges between our two nations in every conceivable field, from commerce and trade to education, health and mining. It is therefore vital that we continue to work together so as to contribute to the efforts of making the world a better place to live.

Please accept, Rt. Honourable Prime Minister, my best wishes for your good health and continued peace and prosperity for the people of Australia”.


27TH JANUARY, 2012

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tanzania pioneers Kiswahili teaching at AU

From ASSAH MWAMBENE, in Addis Ababa

The Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Hon Bernard K. Membe (MP) yesterday launched the first Kiswahili class at the Language Center of the African Union, where he emphasized the importance of Kiswahili as one of the fastest growing language in the continent.

Speaking at the official lauching ceremony which took place along the margins of the 20th Session of the Executive Council of the African Union (AU), the Minister said Kiswahili has been used as a unifying tool in most of the African countries, Tanzania in particular.

"I will inform my President and my countrymen that Kiswahili has wings, it has now landed in Addis Ababa at the African Union, it is doing wonders," the Minister Noted.  He further noted that apart from the fact that Kiswahili is widely spoken in Africa, it borrows most of its vocaburaries from Arabic and African languages making it one of the most popular language among the Arab and African countries.

The Minister Commended the Tanzanian Embassy in Addis Ababa for initiating the course, saying the initiative will help in popularising the language within and beyond Africa. He thanked H.E. Joram Biswaro, the Ambassador of Tanzania to Ethiopia and AU for striving to kickstart the project without any financial assistance.

The Coordinator of the Programme at the Tanzania Embassy in Addis Ababa, Ms Suma Mwakyusa said the class has a total of 26 students who are AU officials and and members of the Diplomatic Corps. She informed that there will be two classes taught by competent Tanzanian teachers namely Mrs ELizabeth Magoke and Mrs Ikunda Sabath on voluntary basis.

"The teachers understood our initiative, and being nationalists agreed to volunteer to teach," said Ms. Mwakyusa.  She added that the Embassy in collaboration with the African Union Commission intends to organise a three week-trip to Tanzania for the best students to enable them practice the language as spoken by the Swahili natives in the streets of Dar es salaam and Zanzibar.

 The AU Coordinator for Languages, Mr Linus Chata expressed his appreciation for the Tanzania High Level visit to the Language Centre, noting that it signifies the commitment of Tanzania in supporting the programme. He said Kiswahili is the only language which is supported by an African Country- Tanzania, unlike other languages spoken in Africa which are being sponsored by countries outside the African Union.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Newly appointed FAO Rep presents her Credentials

Ms. Diana E. Tempelman, the newly appointed Country Representative for Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) to Tanzania, presents her Credentials to Hon. Bernard K. Membe (MP), the Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation at the Ministry in Dar es Salaam on January 24, 2012.  

Hon. Membe and Ms. Tempelman in brief talks, after presentation of her Credentials.

Hon. Membe in talks with Ms. Tempelman (center), the newly appointed FAO Country Representative, and Mr. Alberic Kacou (left), the UNDP Resident Representative and Resident Coordinator of the United Nations System in Tanzania.

The newly appointed County Representative of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) to Tanzania, Ms. Diana E. Tempelman today presented her Credentials to Hon. Bernard K. Membe (MP), the Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation at the Ministry in Dar es Salaam.
During the ceremony, Hon. Membe thanked FAO for the role it has played in various projects especially in Agriculture and Food Security since in the 1960s, and hoped that arrival of Ms. Tempelman will further enhance and sustain the spirit in helping Tanzania battle against famine and poverty.
He further said that Tanzania prides itself with the richness in agriculture, and is currently in an effort to collect food around its regions to help affected nations like Somalia where close to 2.7 million people are starving and six die people everyday. 
On her part, Ms. Tempelman said she was looking forward to continue work on various projects her predecessor had started.  She added that she will find time to visit the productive regions in Tanzania that Hon. Membe had suggested, such as Ruvuma, Iringa and Mbeya.  

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Waziri Membe kukutana na APRM

Mhe. Bernard K. Membe (Mb.), Waziri wa Mambo ya Nje na Ushirikiano wa Kimataifa tarehe 16 Januari, 2012 anatarajiwa kuonana na menejimenti ya Mpango wa Umoja wa Afrika wa Kijitathmini Kiutawala Bora jijini Dar es salaam.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Balozi Taj akabidhi Hati za Utambulisho Ureno

Mhe. Balozi Begum Karim Taj akiwakilisha Hati za Utambulisho leo tarehe 10/01/2011 kwa Mhe. Prof. Anibal Cavaco Silva, Rais wa Jamhuri ya Ureno. Shughuli hii imefanyika Lisbon, Ureno.

Rais Kikwete apokea Hati za Utambulisho kutoka kwa Mabalozi Watano

Rais wa Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania, Mheshimiwa Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete leo, Jumanne, Januari 10, 2012, amepokea hati za utambulisho kutoka kwa mabalozi watano ambao wataziwakilisha nchi zao katika Tanzania.

Katika shughuli fupi iliyofanyika Ikulu, Dar es Salaam, Rais amepokea hati za utambulisho wa Balozi wa Denmark Mheshimiwa Johnny Flentoe, Balozi wa Malawi Mheshimiwa Mama Flossie Asekanao Gomile-Chidyaonga, Balozi wa Umoja wa Ulaya Mheshimiwa Filiberto Cerian Sibregondi, Balozi wa Burundi Mheshimiwa Issa Ntambuka na Balozi wa Uturuki Mheshimiwa Ali Davutoglu.

Katika mazungumzo na Balozi Flontoe wa Denmark, Rais Kikwete ameishukuru nchi hiyo kwa misaada mingi na ya miaka mingi ya maendeleo ambayo nchi hiyo imekuwa inatoa kwa Tanzania. “Tumenufaika sana na uhusiano mzuri baina ya nchi zetu na kiwango cha maendeleo yetu kimechangia vizuri na Denmark,” amesema.

          Rais Kikwete na kuongeza: “Tunafurahi pia Tanzania ilikaribishwa kushiriki na kutoa mchango katika Kamisheni ya Afrika iliyoangalia fursa za ajira kwa vijana katika Afrika. Changamoto kubwa kwetu sasa ni namna ya kutengeneza ajira za kutosha kwa maelfu ya vijana wanaomaliza shule kila mwaka kutokana na upanuzi mkubwa wa nafasi za elimu katika Tanzania.”

Rais Kikwete alikuwa Kamishna katika Tume hiyo iliyoundwa na aliyekuwa Waziri Mkuu wa Denmark Mheshimiwa Anders Fogh Rasmussen na iliyotoa ripoti yake iitwayo Africa Commission: Realising the Potential of Africa’s Youth mwezi Mei 2009.

Katika mazungumzo na Rais Kikwete, balozi mpya wa Malawi Mheshimiwa Balozi Gomile-Chidyaonga ameishukuru Tanzania kwa kuendelea kutoa njia ya Malawi kupitishia bidhaa zake.

“Uchumi wetu katika Malawi umechangiwa kwa kiasi kikubwa na Tanzania kuendelea kuiruhusu Malawi kutumia Bandari ya Dar es Salaam na kutumia barabara zake kupitishia bidhaa zetu,”amesema mama huyo.

Naye Rais Kikwete amemwambia mama huyo: “Nchi zetu zina uhusiano mzuri na wa karibu sana. Watu wetu ni wamoja na tutaendelea kuimarisha uhusiano huo na kushirikiana zaidi. Kama unavyojua, unaweza kuchagua rafiki lakini huwezi kuchagua jirani.”

Katika mazungumzo na Balozi Sibregondi wa Umoja wa Ulaya, Rais Kikwete amezungumzia umuhimu wa jinsi Tanzania na Umoja huo kushirikiana katika kukamilisha ujenzi wa Barabara ya Manyoni-Kigoma ili kuwezesha Tanzania kuunganishwa kwa barabara ya lami na nchi jirani ya Burundi.

“Tunahitaji kuendelea na ujenzi wa miundombinu na hasa ujenzi wa barabara kati ya Manyoni na Kigoma ili kufungua ushoroba wa magharibi mwa Tanzania.”

Rais Kikwete amemhakikishia Balozi Ntambuka wa Burundi kuwa Tanzania itaendelea kufungua ardhi na njia zake kwa ajili ya kupitishia bidhaa za Burundi. “Burundi ni nchi rafiki, ni nchi jirani, uhusiano wetu ni mzuri na tunashirikiana pia kupitia Jumuia ya Afrika Mashariki. Nataka kukuhakikishia kuwa Bandari za Tanzania na ardhi yake vitaendelea kuwa wazi kwa matumizi ya Burundi.”

Naye Balozi Ntambuka ameishukuru Tanzania kwa mchango wake wa kutafuta amani katika Burundi. “Hakuna sababu ya kurudia historia, lakini wenyewe tunajua tulipotoka na tunajua waliotusaidia. Bado wachanga, na ni muhimu Tanzania kuendelea kutulea na kutusaidia.”

Rais Kikwete na Balozi Davutoglu wa Uturuki wamekubaliana kuelekeza nguvu zaidi katika kujenga na kukuza uhusiano wa kibiashara na kiuchumi kati ya nchi hizo mbili. “Uhusiano wetu wa kidiplomasia ni mzuri sana, uhusiano wa kiuchumi na kibiashara ndio unaanza. Tunahitaji kuimarisha uhusiano wa kidiplomasia na kuongeza uhusiano wa kiuchumi,” amesema Rais Kikwete.

Balozi Davutoglu pia ameishukuru Tanzania kwa kutoa ardhi ambako Uturuki itajenga chuo kikuu.

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